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Istanbul is a mythical city that has seen the rise and fall of many civilizations. It is mysterious place where every other corner has the possibility to hide another secret and living proof that every empire will meet its end and the world will not have a sole owner.

Therefore, we invite you on an unforgettable journey during your stay in this magnificent city, with the guidance of the Talismanic Shirts of Ottoman Sultans in your exploration of the historical city.  Talisman was generally known as objects or symbols which were believed to have a special power or effect. This concept is widely known in Eastern and Islamic civilizations.

Over the course of history, nearly all the emperors of Islamic civilizations had a talismanic shirt, each with their own unique inscriptions and effects on their wearers. The Ottoman emperors were no exception. Wearing talismanic shirts became a tradition among Ottoman Sultans and important statesmen and these shirts were believed to be a bearer of victories, a protector from evil, and a source of wealth, peace and bliss for the owner’s family.

As a part of our hotel’s elegant decoration in the style of Ottoman palaces, each room is designed around a different talismanic shirt with a unique story. Each shirt displayed in our hotel is a handcrafted replica of one from the 16th century collection of sultan’s clothing at the Topkapi Palace.

To complete the talismanic stories and tell our guests more about the charming legends of the fascinating city, we have decorated each corridor of our hotel with hand-crafted ceramic miniatures of both talismanic and famous buildings of the city.

On this page below, you can see each shirt that inspired us and read their unique story by clicking on them. In the middle of the photo, you can see the Istanbul landmarks that we chose to decorate our corridors.

In the Romance Istanbul Hotel, we offer you the opportunity to witness the history and elegance of the Ottoman Empire with the talismanic shirts that had a great importance in the Ottoman Sultans’ lives. Each story will bring you back to the magical past while you explore the myths of the talisman.


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