Have you ever heard the word of talisman?

Talisman’s dictionary definition is “anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions.” Let’s go further, have you ever heard talismanic shirts? If your answer is no, don’t worry, you will have an idea after reading this blog article and when you stay Romance Istanbul Hotel, you will explore the talismanic shirts, in fact you will be in a journey to the Ottoman Empire period.

Talisman was kind of a magic. It has a deep-rooted history, especially in the Eastern Societies. In fact, each society had its own talismanic rituals. In Ottoman Empire, Sultans and important statesmen used to wear these talismanic shirts. The belief is that the talismanic shirts were imbued with protective powers and were meant to be worn under armor in battle. Moreover, the shirts are believed to be the source of healing, bring victory in battles, protect Sultans and their families from evil and bring them happiness and peace. After all, every talismanic shirt has created its own adventure.

In fact, the talismans were not only in Sultan’s shirts. Each historical inheritance in Istanbul used to be protected by talismans. According to a common belief, talismans protect not only Sultans, but also Istanbul from evils and save the city from disasters.

Nowadays, talismanic shirts become more popular with the Netflix Series “The Protector”. With the beautiful Istanbul view scenes and the riveting story, The Protector gives you a better understanding about Talismanic Shirts.  

If you want to have an experiential travel in Istanbul, you should definitely stay in Romance Istanbul Hotel that was designed by inspiring talismanic shirts of Ottoman Empire’s sultans. Each of the rooms has the hand- crafted replication of the original Talismanic Shirts. You can also find the story of these shirts in the rooms as well. The original Talismanic Shirts are exhibited in Topkapi Palace Museum.

Today, travelling is to experience the city that is visited. That’s why the hotels that promise an experience, are worth to visit.